Characterization of Rio do Salto micro-basin, district of Cascavel – PR

Andreia A. Ferreira Silva; Elisandro Pires Frigo; Mauricio Guy de Andrade; Roberson R. Parizotto; Vanderley de Oliveira

  • Andreia A. Ferreira Silva
  • Elisandro Pires Frigo
  • Mauricio Guy de Andrade
  • Roberson R. Parizotto
  • Vanderley de Oliveira
Palavras-chave: Water resources; compactness index; slope.


The discussion of the physical and functional characteristics of watersheds is intended to provide knowledge of the various factors that determine the nature of the discharge of a river. The aim was to study the physical features of the Rio do Salto basin, located between the districts of Rio do Salto, and Centenario, Santo Domingo, in western Paraná. The results indicate that the physical characterization of the Rio do Salto watershed points to a more elongated form, being proved by the coefficient of compactness and form factor. This indicates strong structural control of drainage. The appearance of the basin with non-compact value of Kc = 1,24 indicates less prone to flooding. The form factor FF = 0,52 confirms this fact, indicating lower chances of high peak floods in the basin under study. About the order of Rio do Salto watershed, it is considered as Sixth, indicating that the drainage basin is of considerable ramification. Morphometric data and rainfall, along with information generated in the GIS such as location of the basin area and vegetation are valuable tools for further management of water resources of Rio do Salto.