Physical Characterization of the Rio Saltinho Watershed, in the cities of Cascavel and Santa Tereza do Oeste, Paraná

Ivan Werncke; Thais Vidal; Otávia Klaus; Daniela Martins Trindade; Elisandro Pires Frigo; Reginaldo Ferreira dos Santos

  • Ivan Werncke
  • Thais Vidal
  • Daniela Martins Trindade
  • Elisandro Pires Frigo
  • Reginaldo Ferreira dos Santos
Palavras-chave: Watershed; Morphometric; Superficial runoff.


The study of the physical characterization of watersheds is extremely relevant for the conservation and management of water resources. This present work aimed to study the physical characteristics of Rio Saltinho watershed, located in the cities of Cascavel and Santa Tereza do Oeste – PR. Using the AUTO CAD 2008 software, it was calculated the area to determinate the morphometric parameters, for the hydrological characterization of the watershed. It was indicated the order of the watershed watercourse and its hypsometric curve. The drainage area of the watershed is 42 Km² and the perimeter is 28,3 Km. The form factor
of the watershed is 0,414, the index of compactness obtained was 1,22, indicating that the watershed shape resembles a rectangle; the index of conformation obtained was 0,3861. The watercourse slop was analyzed in three different ways: S1 0.0115, S2 0.00678 and S3 0.00610. The physical characteristics found on the watershed indicate that it is has low probability of flooding.